Why Accelerated Solutions?

Today's CIOs face tough choices. Over the past decade, the costs and timescales for traditional software development have crept up in response to greater IT complexity and the demand for powerful new features like real-time analytics. Meanwhile, business leaders now require IT departments to deliver more with less - reducing timescales, teams and budgets.

Accelerated Solutions was specifically designed to meet these challenges. Our unique development methodology can deliver higher quality software up to five times faster than traditional methods and at a lower fixed price.

How is this possible?

Accelerated Solutions is the result of more than five years of proprietary research by Innovations Infinite into advanced code generation techniques for Java-based enterprise web applications and CASE concepts.

Once we outline the specifications of a project, the coding process is highly automated - reducing project timescales by almost 80 percent or more. Robotic coding also eliminates human error, making our testing process even more streamlined and cost-effective.

Accelerated timescales:

Our service enables you to complete complex IT projects at lightning speed - up to five times faster than traditional methods. That means if your project is projected to take ten months, we could complete it in just two.

This outstanding development speed applies not only to the creation of a new application, but also to any future enhancements you might need from time to time. In many situations, applications generated through our service can be enhanced with new features more quickly than software which claims to be fully functional "out of the box".

Accelerated quality:

In traditional software development, faster time-scales often create low quality results. The opposite is true with Accelerated Solutions. Our software is feature-rich, high performing and easily scalable to concurrent user bases of over 20,000 people.

All of the applications developed through the Accelerated Solutions service are built on the solid foundation of a robust architecture and user-friendly design interface. We're also stringent about quality testing. Our extremely accurate automated coding tools write code that has been thoroughly tested and re-factored several times even before the code is written for the application to ensure outstanding results.

The software we develop can easily deliver industry-leading features, such as an in-built workflow and business rule engine, enterprise collaboration tools or intuitively visualised data analytics. Our applications also support seamless access from any operating system, browser or device. Finally, we also include security that's in-built, not bolted on. Web access takes place through a secure 256-bit encrypted channel, while context-sensitive data access ensures that only the right people in your organisation see sensitive information.

Accelerated cost-savings:

Cost overruns are a common problem for traditional approaches to software development. Projects developed with the Accelerated Solutions service benefit from a lower fixed price that's agreed upfront, negating the possibility of any overspend.

Our service ensures that you remain in control of your software and are not "locked in" to one vendor or platform. There's also no subscription charge for access to the Accelerated Solutions platform which allows your enterprise to undertake further customisation, maintenance and enhancements to the software - either internally or with third parties. Even though our service uses computerised coding, it is kept in a human-readable format, allowing you to easily integrate it with other IT solutions, or add new features.

All this means that the total cost of ownership for your application is kept under control, especially since our software is of such a high quality that it requires little on-going maintenance.

Accelerated Solutions:

Whatever your software development challenge, our service can help you to achieve outstanding results. Contact us today for more information.

Platform features:

The Accelerated Solutions service can create feature-rich applications to help your business achieve its goals:

Workflow harmony:

Enhance collaboration across teams with an in-built workflow and business rule engine

Automate tasks for greater efficiency

Documents at your fingertips:

Store all your documents within your application, closely linked to relevant business data

Context-sensitive secured access guarantees only the right people see sensitive files

Access your documents through any device, anywhere, any time

Seamless integration lets you create and send any document with ease

Email that's prioritised by context:

Send emails directly from your application easily with template and mail merge integration

Synchronise with your email account to see sent/received emails in context of the relevant business data

Go global with seamless support for multiple currencies, languages and time zones:

Multi-currency support with configurable foreign exchange rates

Multi-lingual and localisation support for your own native language

Work across borders and automatically adapt to local time zones

Freedom of access from any device, anywhere, any time:

Simple web access from any operating system, browser or device

Seamless compatibility with all major browsers: Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Opera

Fully functional across all the major operating systems: Windows, Mac and Linux

Easy access from smartphones or tablets: iPad, iPhone, and Android devices

Comprehensive security:

Secured access through a 256-bit encrypted channel

Role-based, context sensitive security ensures only the right people see sensitive data

Visual dashboards for easy access to detailed analytics:

Visualise your data in moments with embedded dashboards

Source data from within the application or from your data warehouse

Sensitive information is only visible to the right people

Adjust charts to explore data in exactly the detail you need

Explore meaningful and intuitive data mash-ups