The Accelerated Solutions service deliberately employs a highly flexible development process in order to work in whatever manner best suits our customers. Whether your business develops software using Waterfall or Agile design philosophies, Accelerated Solutions can completely support your needs. We also ensure your business maintains control over the project roadmap at all times.

All of the customer engagement phases in the development cycle (such as business analysis, acceptance testing and deployment) can be adapted to suit your current software development methods. This minimises the need for any process change within your organisation when using Accelerated Solutions.

The software development process itself is executed by the Innovations Infinite team at our offices, creating no interference with your internal methodologies. Our deliverables remain the same (e.g. requirements documents, design documents, developed software code and executable code) and the project governance and sign-off phases also remain largely unchanged.

Fast Software Development

Phases of development

Business Analysis: The application requirements are gathered and a comprehensive specifications document is created to eliminate any ambiguity

Code Generation: The specifications document is translated to be suitable for input into the code generator; the process of automated coding begins

Top-Up Assessment/Coding: Following the automated coding process, the generated code is reviewed and completed by human programmers, who input any additional code if needed

Testing: Developed software is tested for potential defects and they are fixed if found

Feedback: The application is reviewed by internal/customer stakeholders as required

Incremental Analysis: The need for any additional coding is assessed

Acceptance Testing: The developed software is deployed within a test environment to allow business users to assess the application. Any defects found are fixed, and the application is formally accepted by the business stakeholders

Deployment: After Acceptance Testing, the software is deployed into production

Waterfall methodology

Our development processes can fully support a linear Waterfall approach to application development. Our staff will work with you to clarify and finalise all of your requirements before design and development begin, providing the assurance of a clear roadmap to an application that perfectly meets your needs. During the development process, Innovations Infinite can also undertake reviews and "gateway checks" before we move from one phase to the next, allowing for the possibility of changes and ensuring that we are meeting all of your criteria exactly.

Agile methodology

Accelerated Solutions can also fully support the Agile design methodology, working with you to refine requirements, design, develop and test the application in incremental phases. We can incorporate continuous feedback into an iterative development cycle (steps 1-7 above) so that the software we create is consistently enhanced until it meets your needs precisely.